15.08.2010 — Graphic #15 autumn 2010
Graphic Magazine dedicates an article to the
SNS Reaal Fonds annual report.

A total of seven brochures were printed on slightly different
kinds of white paper to show the concept and function of each.
All staple-bound, they are loosely held together inside the
linen cover without a final binding.

‘SNS REAAL Fonds is one of the leading Dutch private Culture
Foundations which has its origin in the SNS Bank. As open
minded as possible, playful and smart there should be a mindset
of the foundation providing a huge amount of money to art
and culture. In combination with the financial crisis in 2009 –
the concept of a slightly understated assemblage of several
brochures, seems to be an adequate statement. With the subtle
twinkle by using snow-white linen for the cover, I would refer
to the origin of the foundation.’