Johanna Siebein holds lecture and workshop about
scientific posters at InGrA / Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle

Out now!
Design Firms Open For Business
by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico
Including Sagmeister Inc, Project Projects,
Studio Laucke Siebein and many others
Published by Allworth Press

30 Studios by Etapes
Nice publication with interviews and work of a.o. Studio Laucke Siebein, Node, Lesley Moore, Underware, Ostengruppe, Luna Maurer...

Exhibition Luanda, Angola:
During the Graphic Design manifestation ‘Semana de Design Gráfico’, work from Studio Laucke Siebein is exhibited at the Theatre Elinga. With a.o.: Sagmeister & Walsh – New York, Cyan – Berlin, Integral Ruedi Baur – Paris, Salutpublic – Bussels.

European Design Award 2013:
Studio Laucke Siebein wins Silver for the Pastoe Poster Series

The Dutch furniture-maker Pastoe became 100 years. On the occasion of this anniversary, Pastoe ask Studio Laucke Siebein for a publication as well as the promotion for an exhibition at the ‘Kunsthal Rotterdam’. This series of posters is a playful comment and reflection of the minimalistic and modular cabinets, Pastoe is famous for since the 60’s. It’s series of cabinets called ‘Vision’ starts in the 80’s and is still available. This modular cabinet – in the publication described as ‘the zero degree of design’ – is clear-cut, sober cube. Referring to this well known furniture, Studio Laucke Siebein variegate this modular system to other meaningful objects like an ice-cream, tree and balloon. The series of posters is printed in the range from A2, A1, A0 and ‘Abri’-format and was visible on street, at all train stations in the Netherlands as well as at the exhibition itself.

Launch of frieze d/e’s issue no. 9 at Studio Miessen

Books by Studio Laucke Siebein are shown in the exhibition Fully Booked in Gestalten Space, Sophienstraße 21, Berlin

Out now! Fully Booked by Gestalten
Studio Laucke Siebein is happy to be featured
in this nice book as well as in the exhibition.

Press photo during the preview ‘Like Pastoe’ at Kunsthal Rotterdam.
Exhibition design team (left to right): Anne van der Zwaag, Gert Staal,
Olivia Herms, Dirk Laucke, Harm Scheltens, Anne Holtrop,
Nasir Kassamali, Remco van der Voort, Krijn de Koning, Claudio Silvestrin,
Liesbeth Abbenes, Naoto Fukosawa, Maurice Scheltens en
Konstantin Grcic.

Posters by Studio Laucke Siebein at the ‘Window Pavilion’.

Students from Kassel visiting Studio Laucke Siebein.

Out now! Introducing: Culture Identities by Gestalten Verlag
with a contribution by Studio Laucke Siebein

Workshop at ‘Hochschule der Künste Bremen’

Studio Laucke Siebein has been interviewed
for page online: Agentur der Woche

frieze d/e issue 5 Summer
Designed by Studio Laucke Siebein.
Out now!
Launch in Kassel on the occasion of documenta 13

Recently published! – I love Gill Sans
With a contribution of Studio Laucke Siebein
Edited and designed by

31.10.2011 — 08.06.2011 — Out now! Boxed & Labelled Two!
Published by Gestalten Verlag
With a contribution by Studio Laucke Siebein:
Apifaktur packaging

09-2011 — Out now! Circa 1986
Exhibition catalogue designed by Studio Laucke Siebein
for Circa 1986 in Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art,
New York – curated by John Newsom, Nicola Trezzi and
Astrid Honold
Photo ©FLATT magazine (FLATT editors James Perkins and
Christina Lessa with curator Nicola Trezzi (center))

12.07.2011 — Etapes: design et culture visuelle
(french version)
Read the interview with Studio Laucke Siebein in English!

08.06.2011 — Out now! Choi’s Gallery magazine.
With a contribution by Studio Laucke Siebein:
Apollo, Dynamo Expo, Circle Of Trust

27.05.2011 — Designing Scientific Posters and Presentations
Johanna Siebein is invited to give a lecture
about designing media for scientific conferences
at GradUS/Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken

29.03.2011 — Out now. Imprint – Innovative Book
and Promo Design by Sandu Publishers, with a
contribution of Studio Laucke Siebein. ISBN 978 988 19847 6 0

28.03.2011 — Our favourite typeface
Read our statement about Futura on page 12 in Linotype’s
Fonts in Focus No.8!

13.01.2011 — Die Auto-Biografie
Review on Deutschlandradio Kultur: [...] hier hat eine kongeniale
Buchgestaltung obendrein die Freiheiten digitaler Ästhetik
in die analoge Form eines schön gemachten Buchs übersetzt.

21.12.2010 — I Love Futura
Two books, I Love Futura and I Love Avantgarde
have been released. Published by Victionary,
edited by Two Points, with a contribution by Studio
Laucke Siebein.

20.11.2010 — The Best Dutch Annual Report Designs
Studio Laucke Siebein is awarded by the
Grafische Cultuurstichting, for its annual report
for the SNS Reaal Fonds with the prize ‘The Best Dutch
Annual Report 2010’. The award ceremony
took place during the design manifestation
PapierHier at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam.

15.10.2010 — The Best Dutch Book Designs
The catalogue ‘The Best Dutch Book Designs’,
with our selected book Fendry Ekel — The Witness
is out now.

10.10.2010 — Workshop
Dirk Laucke and Johanna Siebein were invited to give a one month
workshop at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen, Germany.

01.10.2010 — Stedelijk Museum Graphic-Design Collection
The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam adds the SNS Reaal Fonds
annual report
to its Graphic Design Collection.

06.09.2010 — id-pure
Special Edition 2010/11 (This is not id-pure) with
a contribution of Studio Laucke Siebein.

15.08.2010 — Graphic #15 autumn 2010
Graphic Magazine dedicates an article to the
SNS Reaal Fonds annual report, designed
by Studio Laucke Siebein.

22.05.2010 — Vivid
An interview with Studio Laucke Siebein and
plenty of images of Tampopo, the asian grocery shop
designed by us, in this new book by Sandu
Cultural Media. Vivid! The Allure of Color in Design.
ISBN 978-1-58423-381-7

20.02.2010 — The Best Dutch Book Designs 2009
Fendry Ekel — The Witness’,
Design: Studio Laucke Siebein.
The award ceremony will take place at october 15–2010
at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

14.02.2010 — Review at grafik #182
Grafik highlights our book ‘BCAD’ Benthem Crouwel

10.11.2009 — Form, Book and Promotion
Sandu Publishing is featuring many of our work
in this new book. ISBN 978-988-18058-0-5

10.09.2009 — Colour Mania
A new publication by Victonary with our work
in the red, magenta and black section.
ISBN: 978-988-17328-1-1

10.07.2009 — Etapes, Design et Culture Visuelle
The french design magazine Etapes with in item
about the Akzo Nobel Colour Envelope by Studio
Laucke Siebein.

17.05.2009 — Gold for Studio Laucke Siebein
Studio Laucke Siebein wins Gold at the
European Design Award for its Akzo Nobel
Colour Envelope.

09.03.2009 — idPure
The swiss design magazine idPure is dedicating
ten full pages to the work of Studio Laucke Siebein.

06.03.2009 — Typomofo
Type morphing into forms. A nice book by Page One
Publishers, with our poster ‘Les Saltimbanques’
for the James Cohan Gallery, New York.

12.02.2009 — Graphic Design in the Netherlands
Among 40 other design studios, Studio Laucke
Siebein is featured in the book ‘Graphic Design in
the Netherlands. The book is published by Libero.
ISBN 978-90-5764-860-1

31.07.2008 — Gateways
Gateways: An International Exhibition of Book Covers
is the 6th exhibition in the Idioms series curated
by Andrew Howard. The exhibition shows six books
by Studio Laucke Siebein. July 31 -September 30, 2008
at the Silo-Espaço Cultural in Porto, Portugal.
Catalogue available. ISBN 978-989-95889-0-5

14.06.2008 — 23. Forum Typografie
Dirk Laucke gives a lecture about his work at the
Forum Typografie in Bremen/Germany.

05.06.2008 — Design-Taste
An interview with Dirk Laucke and a bunch of
images of our project ‘Tampopo’.
Victoanary, ISBN: 978-988-98229-9-6

10.05.2008 — Fully Booked
Plenty of our work is featured in the book ‘Fully Booked’
by Gestalten Verlag, Berlin.
ISBN 978-3-89955-209-6

02.04.2008 — Lemmon Poppy Seed, Multitasking Creativity
Lemon Poppy Seed is a compilation of work by
young, international artists whose styles defy current
trends and classifications and are all the more
brilliant for doing so. Great book by Gestalten Verlag
with work by Studio Laucke Siebein.
ISBN: 978-3-89955-210-2

24.10.2007 — New Graphic #16
An Interview and almost all our work so far in
this issue of the chinese design magazine New Graphic.
Seecoo, ISBN: 978-7-5344-2570-7

06.02.2008 — Form
In its january/february issue, the german design magazine
Form, dedicates an article to Studio Laucke Siebein.
For the item ‘The Art of communicating Art’, our work for
the dutch artist Folkert de Jong and the Berlin based gallery
Scheibler Mitte is highlighted.

26.10.2007 — Novum
An interview with Dirk Laucke and six full pages of
work in the november issue of Novum, The world of
graphic design. ISBN 4 198092 909809

26.10.2007 — Good 50x70
Our Good 50x70 poster at exhibitions in Milano and

24.10.2007 — Color and Layout
A new book by Harper Collins Publishers with work we did
for the Dutch Design Center.

20.10.2007 — The Dutch Design Awards
Studio Laucke Siebein is awarded for its concept and
design for the franchise formula Tampopo, a chain of
asian groceries.

01.10.2007 — Kelvin, Colour Today
Kelvin investigates today’s evolving perception
and application of colour. Nice book numerous work
by Studio Laucke Siebein.
Gestalten Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-89955-196-9

30.01.2007 — The Best Dutch Book Designs
Our Book ‘The Colour Workshop’ for Akzo Nobel
Decorative Coatings, is part of the selection of
the Best Dutch Book Designs 2006.